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Urayoán “YOA” Ruiz Paneque was born July 16, 1982 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His family from Puerto Rico and Cuba have helped enrich his life with a strong sense of identity and great pride in his Hispanic roots. Yoa graduated from Florida International University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Advertising.

Yoa’s work focuses on stretching the boundaries of creativity. Starting as a photo-realistic painter, he constantly felt challenged to try something new. His artistic style has been an evolution that has lead him to develop an approach that is uniquely his own.

His art attempts to embrace the human connection between music, nature, love and spiritual life. His vibrant colors and positive message invites viewers to step out of everyday life and look closer at themes that connect us all. Yoa’s paintings are filled with patterns, shapes and lines that create movement and often lead viewers to look for symbols and meanings.

His unique approach is a refreshing take on an old medium. His art seems to connect with audiences of all ages and leaves viewers with a fulfilling sense of consciousness for what is truly important and stimulating the human factor.

His paintings are done entirely by hand, using no stencils, or projectors. The patterns inside the paintings are all done freehand which leads to a unique creation every time.

Yoa’s work has been shown in the Boca Raton Museum of Art and featured in the Miami Herald, Art Business News and Univision National TV Network among other media. He currently resides in Miami with his beautiful family.


Life itself. I am often amazed by the simple things in nature and human beings. I consider myself an extremely optimistic person seeking the positive side of any situation. My family has been my greatest blessing and they allowed me to experience the joys of childhood. In reflecting to my childhood I travel to a place of fun, peace, and love. My culture from both Puerto Rico & Cuba fill me with a strong sense of pride that comes alive in much of my artwork and my life. Music also serves as a big motivator and inspiration for my art. MOST OF ALL, MY FAITH IN GOD KEEPS ME FOCUSED AND BELIEVING THAT THROUGH HIM ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. My vision is for Yoa Art to serve as an inspiration for people to escape from the complications of life and experience an environment of love, passion, and positivity. My mission is to use my talents and gifts as a communicator to serve as a positive influence to the world and in turn impact the way people look at life.

The name Yoa is a nickname given to me by my family when I was a little kid. It comes from my full name Urayoán. The name Urayoán is an Indian name native of Puerto Rico. Urayoán was a Taíno "Cacique" (Chief) famous for ordering the drowning of Diego Salcedo to determine if the Spanish were gods.


Florida International University
Bachelor of Science in Communications . 2005
& Fine Art Courses: Drawing I, Figure Drawing II,
Painting I, Painting II, Painting IV, Painting VI



2007 - 2019 - Il Gabbiano . Miami, FL
2018 - Icon Brickell . Miami, FL
2018 - Total Bank, FIU Alumni Event . Miami, FL
2016 - Murano Residences . Miami Beach, FL
2014 - Acoustic Architects . Wynwood, FL
2013 - Viceroy Hotel . Art Basel Week . Miami, FL
2013 - Four Seasons Hotel . Brickell . Miami, FL
2009 - Suntrust Bldg . YOALIFESIZED . Miami, FL
2008 - Wirtz Gallery . 1st National Bank of S. Miami, FL
2007 - Portofino Towers . Miami Beach, FL
2007 - CocoWalk . Art Spaces . Coconut Grove, FL



2018 - Museo del Deporte . Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
2017 - Milander Center for the Arts . Miami, FL
2016 - 2018 - Big Brothers Big Sisters Scholarship Fund . Miami, FL
2014 - 2015 - Spectrum Art Fair . Art Basel Week . Miami, FL
2012 - BOCA RATON MUSEUM OF ART . 61st Annual All Florida Exhibition, Boca Raton FL
2009 - Sister Cities International Expo, Tower Theatre, Miami, FL
2008 - Miami Dade County . Hispanic Art Expressions, Miami, FL
2007 - 2008 - Sister Cities International Expo, Tower Theatre, Miami, FL
2008 - Wynwood Hispanic Heritage Art Exhibit, Miami, FL
2008 - Broward College Artspace . Viva Broward, FL
2007 - miArte Gallery . 85@85 Show, Miami, FL
2005 - Diego Victoria Fine Art Gallery . North Miami Beach, FL


7th Invitational Art Show . Lauderdale Yacht Club . 2014
Beaux Arts Festival . Coral Gables FL . 2007-08
Las Olas Art Festival . Fort Lauderdale . 2007
South Miami Art Festival . 2006-2008
Key Biscayne Art Festival . 2007-08
Delray Beach Art Festival . 2007

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Urayoán “Yoa Ruiz Paneque

Infused with emotive, curious energy and a connection to the nature, the work of Urayoan ‘Yoa’ Ruiz-Paneque combines the minimal, polished lines of the modern world with the swathes of complex color lifted from the wonders of the natural world. What began as flat oil paintings (each section simulating the effect of colorful, living cells) has evolved into multi-layered works utilizing sculptural elements. He displays a particular sensitivity to subtle gradients even within the seemingly flawless, wooden frames laid over the surface of his canvases: evidence of the artist’s presence remains with strong brush strokes.

Increasing in its complexity and attention to physical craftsmanship, Yoa’s practice shows promise with an invested interest in historical genealogies and spiritual exploration. Through the use of mixed media and architectural blueprints the artist acknowledges the power of time and nature juxtaposed against the man’s plans and ingenuity. Organic textures and patterns of tree barks done with graphite are laid against “manufactured” wood beams which serve as a connector between the natural and man made. In essence the work is an observation of man-made ingenuity vs nature and to a greater degree a look at the will of God vs that of man.

Urayoan ‘Yoa’ Paneque was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1982. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications from Florida International University in 2005. He has exhibited at private venues throughout Miami and South Florida, including the Boca Raton Museum of Art and events hosted with the Hispanic Affairs Advisory Board, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. His work has been featured in publications such as MIAMI Magazine, Art Business News, Libre Magazine, The Miami Herald and He lives and works in Miami.